New and Reconditioned Equipment minus Big Firm Costs.

Whether you are a new or established chiropractor practice, FMS Chiro can help equip your workplace with high quality and low cost solutions. Thanks to our stellar service and reliable reconditioning services, we can help you make the jump from analog to digital and feel comfortable doing so in the long term. 


our service

We offer exceptional support in the field of diagnostic imaging. Our brick-and-mortar office in North Vancouver is a rarity in this industry, leading to same day delivery and exceptional inventory management. Conversely, our telephone service is trusted in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world- one client is now a professor of Radiology in New York's Seneca College. 

new clinics

 Working side by side, we can help you build your new clinic from the ground up. Starting from getting a detailed snapshot of your needs (measuring dimensions, electrical requirements, lead shielding), we can help you develop your vision down to the very architectural drawings.


Existing Clinics

    For existing clinics that require upgrades, we bridge the gap from analog to digital with minimal cost and maximal quality. FMS staff, some with over 50 years of experience in the industry, can recommend the right type of digital system and can even guaruntee a 1 year warranty on reconditioned devices. 

Receive Your System Now, Pay in 3 Months.

At FMS, our service does not end at our brick and mortar store or phone support. Look below to learn about how our financing option works and why it's essential for your practice.

upgrade now, pay in 3 months

Make money for a quarter of a year before your first payment. Flexibility is paramount, and the ability to build up credit and have some working capital is an absolute make or break. 

Why lease?

With no down payment, leasing is absolutely the best option for your practice. You can conserve cash, pay as you profit, preserve lines of credit, and be eligible for tax breaks.


We have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.  We provide local support and services in BC, AB, QC and ON with exceptional speed.